Educational project

Clases de piano Barcelona

I believe that teaching piano is quite different from performing at concerts, but I can also see quite a big number of mistakes and technical flaws when it comes to children's piano teachers without stage work experience teaching children to position their hands and bodies at a piano. Likewise, not much attention is given to the appropriate mental preparation of a student before a concert. A teacher must be a psycologist so they can motivate and encourage their students. This skill is rarely found in teachers but I happen to have it. 


The ideal result is guaranteed by three components: an excellent teacher, a hard-working and conscientious student and regular piano practice between lessons.  

Passing on knowledge and mastery is an important part of my life too and that is why I have been teaching piano for over 12 years now. These years' teaching practice have enabled me to develop quite a wide range of teaching methods, techniques, repertoire and individual approaches for each type of student.

There is a widespread theory saying that a concert pianist cannot be a good teacher; and this may be partly true since, as the years pass by, we tend to forget the way we managed to get one or another movement right, the way we learnt to read music and so on. We have reached, therefore, a level at which we don't even think about the the mechanical side of  playing scales and arpeggios when practicing piano ourselves.